International encounters

and seeing beyond one's own nose

You like to meet people from other cultural backgrounds or broaden your horizon for global mission and the needs of this world? You come from another country or you live as a refugee or immigrant in Germany? Then this is for you!

Global Village

– experience mission

Global Village is an innovative and interactive project where you take part in a simulated mission trip of 45 minutes. While encountering a broken world, you will discover more of God's heartbeat. This will challenge you to act like Jesus also in difficult situations – locally and globally.

International Tent

Get together in the International Tent

The International Tent at Christival is a place to go and connect. As international guest, it's here where you will find a personal point of contact, guidance and support. As German participant, you will have the possibility to meet international guests here.

Additional offers

The international info desk in the International Tent serves as point of contact for participants from other countries. Just come around if you have questions about Christival or if you need help. For international participants, all key events will be interpreted to English and possibly to additional languages. Christival wants to support the offers for refugees from local churches in Karlsruhe. For that reason, on Friday afternoon, small teams of Christival participants will join their activities – after a short training session at 2 pm in the International Tent. This project is listed as Seminar but you can also join it spontaneously.

Opening & End

The opening- and final session are highlights of the Christival. Praising God, celebrate and tackle with the Christival topic “Jesus versöhnt”[1] along with thousands of other Christians from all over Germany and beyond – That is what awaits you in the sessions!

[1] Jesus reconciles

For us, the opening- and the final session are special highlights of the Christival. Thousands of young people gather to listen enthusiastically and sing aloud to the One who reconciles and wants to give life in abundance: Jesus Christ.

 “Jesus versöhnt” – You can look forward to that message. Karsten Hüttmann, leader of the Christival, will introduce us to the topic with his message. In an unforgettable service, exciting worship, united prayer and other creative acts are waiting for you. Our two hosts Lea Baumann and Daniel Schneider will lead us through the services.

In the dm-Arena, along with you and 15.000 other people, we want to celebrate the One who joins and reconciles us: Jesus Christ

„Ambassadors for Christ“

In the end of the Christival you will experience a sensation! Celebrating Jesus – in prayer, worship and united communion with over 15 000 young Christians. Everyone is invited to participate. One highlight will be the message of Andrea Deitenbeck-Goseberg, priest in Lüdenscheid. “Jesus versöhnt “, therefore should not only be the message for you as a visitor of the Christival, but you should take it with you into our country and way beyond our borders.

WortWechsel (Exchange of words)

Bible studies at the Christival are dynamic, diverse and communicative. We’ll talk about the daily topic in 4 different ways. Discover. Marvel. Ask. Answer. Aha -moments. The beginning of your own personal “WordWechsel”.

With: Tobias Kley, Kai Günther, Ilse-Dore-Seidel; Music: Soul Devotion Music

Date: Thur-Sat 11:00-12:15 am


A group of people. A pile of cards. Which one will you play? Looks like a game – but it is much more than that. Reading the Bible. Discovering new things. Sharing them with others. Taking. Giving. As easy as a game. The only thing is: Winning is inevitable. Take it.

With: Astrid Volkening, Tobi Liebmann, Steffen Werner, Radek Geister; Music: DMMK

Date: Thur-Sat 11:00-12:15 am


Fourthousand Christivallers ask questions to four experts. And then: your question in contention for one golden minute. A buzzer. You are going to be loged in to your question about the one and only God and His Word. Welcome to “log in”.

With: Chris Pahl, Christian Fischer, Dina Schanz, Ben Geiss; Music: Fllwr

Date: Thur-Sat 11:00-12:15 am


Equipped with headphones you get everything live and directly into your ears. You will have the choice and are able to join in. Compile your own inputs about the Bible passage. By what do you want to become absorbed in? Choose yourself what you want to listen to. Plug in!

With: Jojo Michalik, Julia Garschagen, Johannes Kuhn, Dirk Farr; Music: Youth

Date: Thur-Sat 11:00-12:15 am


The light turns on. You  –  in the center of it all. You are on the spot! Your questions and insights about the Bible passage are relevant for all of us. Four people accept the challenge to answer your questions according to the random principle. Well then: Spot on!

Evening Events

Special in every way


When: Thursday and Friday: 08:00 pm – 09:30 pm

Be creative, exchange stories with others, lean back, listen and learn. Each “Evening Event“ is an absolute highlight. Thursday and Friday night you can chose one of four different “Evening Events”.  Pick your “Evening Event” and be expectant about what God is going to do that evening.

white, holy, experimental

A white room, colorful light, various styles of music – your experiences lead you into worship. Next to that there will be an encouraging message. You experience God’s reconciliation and celebrate it. Listen or dance to the live music of the Outbreakband, MJ Deech and DJFreeG

Astonishment, Praise and Worship

 Enjoy a creative, multi-media spectacle. Actors, dancers and a liveband tell a moving story about searching and finding. ICF Karlsruhe, the drama ministry and the worship band really let it rip and get a formative experience off the ground.

A warm Welcome to the living room!

Make yourself a home at an evening that gets deep and under your skin. Poetry and true stories will make the topic of reconciliation practical for our everyday life. Singers and songwriters will present their music. With the Lord’s Supper you can celebrate reconciliation.

Infotainment and profound music

This evening event won’t lack action or depth. Our guests will share their stories with you and explain how their understanding of God’s reconciliation with the people. You will hear honest statements and be challenged to live a life of reconciliation.  


Your topic

We are offering you in the afternoon a large selection of seminars. There’s something for everyone. The purpose is for you to find something that you will enjoy and have fun doing, as well as something that will challenge and develop you.


Here you can draw out of the fountain.

We are offering you in the afternoon a large selection of seminars. There’s something for everyone on offer, from “Everyone wants something from me – but what do I want?” to “A church for those who don’t have anything to do with it”. The purpose is for you to find something that you will enjoy, that will challenge you as well as help you in regards to belief, competency and personality development. Don’t forget: you can unfortunately only visit two seminars.



New concept, new people, your opinion

On Saturday afternoon you will help shaping the Christival. You can put your topics yourself on stage, listen to people of your age and connect to others.

What is it good for? Ideas for your youth ministry and personal life.

Meet people from your region. Connect to get something off the ground, think beyond your own ideas and to fill people with enthusiasm for Jesus. Fort hat we will provide a plattform.

Your Voice is about your voice, your opinion, your topic! You can tell us spontaneously what you want to talk about. Our hosts will help you to find others who want the same as you do.

You as a youth group cut your teeth doing a project or model and want to share it? A topic burns your tongue which you want to talk about in front of a bigger group? This is your chance! We need you and your idea.


Christival – it is a mega-event, thousands of participants, God’s presence. We want to make it something special, with extraordinary artists. We’re looking forward to it!



Sign up at:


You are motivated to join us in the responsibility of a major event for young Christians?

You love to support a major event practically?

As a Christian you would like to use your skills and resources for young people?


Then we need you!


If you are at least 18 years old, you can sign up as a service team member for the Christival. In the Online-Registration you find the different opportunities and areas in which you can serve.  The fee for service team members is 110 €. For that you will get an accommodation, catering and of course you can participate at the events, as far as it fits with your service schedule. If you join our team, Christival will already start for you on Tuesday, 3rd of March, 2016.


What do you need for the registration?


·         Minimum age of 18 years

·         A person to write you a reference

·         And another person, that we can ask for a second reference, if you’ll work in special areas

·         The willingness to sign our self-commitment for the protecting of young people.  

You can find the regulation of the basic statements for staff members here.


What do we offer you?


  • The staff conference from the 20th to the  21st of February 2016 in Marburg
  • A community of staff members that are motivated by Christian values
  •  A fair accommodation
  • Full catering
  • A place where you can relax physically, emotionally and spiritually – the Staff-Oasis
  • Gratitude of the young people coming to Christival





At the end of the 1960s student revolutions, flower-power and the Jesus-movement flourished. The Time Magazine titled it as the „Jesus Revolution“. In the 1970s the Jesus-movement found its way across the ocean from the United States to Germany. Having this in mind, the Christival was founded as a congress for ministry leaders in the german town of Essen. The point of it was to put emphasis on a collective profil and community throughout the missional youth work.


The primary idea turned off in the deep basis of the youth organisations and youth groups themselves. The „Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendevangelisation“ and a team for evangelistic events layed the foundations for the project: missional youth work with biblical orientation.


In the past 40 years, five Christivals already took place. The goal is to give every generation the opportunity to experience their own Christival. Therefore it's necessary to always rethink about how to reach, to encourage and to support the young generation through the current Christival. That's the reason why style, music and the art of perfomance changes with time – but our heartbeat is still the same: To inspire young people with a clear biblical basis and to open up a platform for inspiration and encounters.


In 2016, Karlsruhe will be the place for the sixth Christiva! Karlsruhe, a city, that is known for its openness and harmonic city life within the different cultural backgrounds of the inhabitants. This is why Karlsruhe's the ideal place for the Christival to happen. Timeline - Ziehharmonika


The first congress was led by Ulrich Parzany and 12.500 Christians participated. The Pentecost service with Billy Graham in the Gruga stadion was visited by 40.000 people; the strong impulses for the missional youth work were expressive in special way.

 Twelve years later another congress for leaders was carried out and visited by 18.500 people. 20 leaders, who worked in youth work in the DDR, were allowed to join the Christival in the BRD and Dr.Theo Lehmann from Karl-Marx-Stadt spoke in front of 30.000 people at the final service. Its highlights were the different performances in 1988, e.g. the Joseph-musical, „Abende der leisen Töne“ (evenings of the silent sounds) and tea-time-groups, that continued after the congress all over the country.

Lead by Dr. Roland Werner and Wolfgang Freitag, the first Christival, after the reunion of East- and West-Germany, happened in Dresden with about 30.000 people. Highlights were the youth services and prayer concerts with a missional intention. The „congress for leaders“ changed into a „congress for young Christians“. Over 40.000 believers joined the final service.

The heart of Germany was the perfect place for the fourth Christival with 22.000 people, a creative-congress, festival-forms and the „seven-week-adventure“ to happen. For the last service in the “Auestadion”, over 30.000 people gathered to listen to the message of pastor J.John from England and to join the manifold program.

Along the motto „Jesus moves“ the fifth Christival occurred in Bremen. For many of the participants the „Bergfest“ was the highlight, a central evening event in cooperation with the former Ratsvorsitzender (president) of the EKD (protestant church Germany), bishop Wolfgang Huber.

About Christival

The Christival conference is headed by a non-profit organization of the same name, Christival e.V., which is a member of the Evangelical Alliance of Germany. The more than 130 members work in Christian organizations, federations and Protestant churches ("state regional" churches and "free" churches).

The Christival event is actually organized by the presiding board, the leadership body (general assembly of members) and many hundreds of volunteer workers.

The board of trustees consists of various people from the areas of church, politics and society. The trustees support the concerns of Christival about giving young people help in guidance and direction and to encouraging them by Christian standards.


Karsten Hüttmann

  • First Chairman
  • born in 1971
  • married
  • father of 3 daughters
  • leading  speaker of the missional work of the YMCA-Association

I am excited about the Christival, because:„ I will be able to get in contact with a lot of other Christians of different backgrounds, and to talk with them about life and faith.“

Johannes Müller

  • Deputy Chairman
  • born in 1961

Working group for missional church planting und church ministry of the Protestant church of Bremen.


Maren Möller

  • manager
  • born in 1969

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„ young Christians gather, having Jesus in the center, and hopefully returne to their places with a new excitement!”

 Dieter Braun

  • born in 1964
  • married
  • father of two children

Youth evangelist and lecturer for youth evangelization of the Protestant Youth Office in Württemberg, of the “CVJM regional association Württemberg” (Christian association of young people) and of the “CVJM General Federation” Germany.

 Julia Garschagen

  • born in 1983
  • regional speaker in the SMD-university in Nordrhein-Westfalen Süd

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„people from various backgrounds and confessions, gather to discuss, believe and celebrate.“

Matthias Büchle

  • born in 1962
  • married
  • father of four grown-ups
  • General secretary of the CVJM-Westbund e.V.

I'm joining Christival, because:„I like to open up the opportunity for young Christians, to experience the dynamic and charisma of a Christival at least once in their lifetime!“

 Aleander von Wascinski

  • born in 1974
  • speaker for missional youth work of  the “Kinder- und Jugendwerk Süd” (children and youth association) of the Protestant-Methodist church

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„a lot of – very different – people full of creativity work together, to spread the redeeming message of God’s Love and to make it tangible.“

 Andreas Schlüter

  • born in 1971
  • speaker for youth work of the FEG Association (Free Protestant Church)

 Paul-Gerhard Stäbler

  • born in 1978
  • married
  • father of 3 sons
  • judge at the social court

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„many young people from different churches and regions will meet and receive important impulses for their lives.“

 Ben Geiss

  • born in 1981
  • married, father of 2 daughters
  • leader of Teen in Mission of the „Liebenzeller Mission”

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„I think it is awesome to be on the move with so many young Christians! And because I'm so mega-excited, what God will do in the lives of every one of the participants!“

Katharina Haubold

  • born in 1986
  • speaker for the youth work of Bibellesebund e.V.

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„it is inspiring, challenging and encouraging to listen to Jesus in unity, to celebrate Him and to get in contact with one another.“

 Heiko Linke

  • born in 1978
  • leader of the youth hostel “Hauptbahnhof” (main station) by the Berliner Stadtmission

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„I've came back home amazed and motivated after the Christivals in Dresden, Kassel and Bremen. Many people, loud music, great bible studies, good seminars and a amazing God. That's Christival for me.“

 Dr. Martin Werth

  • born in 1961
  • married
  • father of 3 sons
  • lecturer at the „Evangelistenschule Johanneum, Wuppertal“ (Protestant School Johanneum Wuppertal)

I'm excited about the Christival, because:„every new generation should have the chance to experience a Christival. As we work and celebrate together, we experience the unity of Christians, Jesus longs for.”

Musicians - Speekers - Artists

DMMK - „The music of my church“ is a worship movement of “G5 meineKirche/FeG Rebland”. DMMK has only one aim: To have an encounter with a God, who wants nothing more than to reveal his mighty power, his unconditional love and his unending grace.

Ann-Kathrin is 21 years old and studies business studies. She grew up in a Christian education. After she graduated from school she joined a “discipleship” training school, where her view of God changed from a distant to a personal God. That’s where she reconciled with God.

Astrid is married to Gunnar, mother of three children and has been working as a youth pastor for 7 years in the regional church of “Westphalen”[1].

„Sometimes Jesus even reconciles in situations, in which I can’t see a chance anymore. Experiencing that is one of the greatest miracles ever.”

[1] A state in Germany

Ben Is 34 years old, married, father of two daughters and leader of “Teens in Mission” of the “Liebenzeller Mission”.

„I am Christ_ival, because I am totally excited about people coming together to celebrate Jesus.”

The CHRIS LASS TRIO consists of Chris Lass, Egon Arnout and Philp Müller. Sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly they think about relationship. Between their songs they share personal stories of their lives.

(Born in 1981) lives in Leibzig. He is the leader of the school youth work “crossover skul”! He also works as an author and a community pedagogue. After work he likes canoeing, jogging or travelling.

„ When I think of 15.000 young people, I hope we’ll leave more behind than just rubbish and full subway trains. Namely: compassion, love of live and Jesus!”

Déborah Rosenkranz (singer, songwriter, worshipleader and author) became famous through “TV Total” as the singing flight attendant. Her vocal talent was discovered on board of a plain.

Detlef was born 1969 in Westphalen[1]. He is married to Salome. Together with their two children they live in Eimeldingen (near Lörrach and Basel).

[1] A state in Germany

Jele works as a speaker for Fresh X. Her two kids are here main project right now, who she sees growing up together with her husband Johannes. Beside that you can find her doing sports.

„When I think of 15.000 teenagers,... Heaven might be shaking.“

Jo is married and has three kids. Since 2006 he is working as a community pastor of SV in Schorndorf as well as an evangelist of the “Liebenzeller Mission”.

 „Jesus rencociles me even with myself.“

Jojo was born in 1988, is married and works as a community- and youth pastor at the “Auferstehungskirche Schweinfurt”.

“Jesus reconciles, when we stop holding on to our own self-made image of Jesus, and start to get to know himself in his whole diversity.”

Julia lives in Cologne. She works at the SMD[1]-university and at universities in and outside of Germany.

“When I think of 15.000 youth, I would love to get to know each one of them and listen o their stories.”

[1] Student Mission Germany


Everyone who experiences LUPID live will be drawn away by an intensive energy that develops between Tobias Hundt and two befriended artists, when they live out their passion for music together.

With their songs this young Pop-Rock band from Stuttgart is telling authentically about the highs and lows of faith. With their music they want to help people to get connected with God and to worship Him in their language.

Tobi lives in Berlin, loves his wife Jana and has a son: Jona! He works at the Christus-Treff Berlin. I am Christ_IVAL, because this festival is unique for every generation and can only be experienced once in this diversity.

Tobi was born in 1979, happily married to Beth for 11 years, has 5 kids and is a missionary of the “Kontaktmission”[1], preacher and leader of GetAwayDays.

„Jesus reconciles“, thank GOD, because otherwise a relationship WITH GOD would be impossible; and not only that but also all other human relationships.

[1] Mission in contact

MEKMC stands for profound lyrics, energetic live performance and music without limitations. The keynote is somewhere between hot club sounds, great hip-hop and legendary ukulele freestyles: Still love!

With his extraordinary combination of house, electro and pop, MJ Deech is considered an insiders' tip in the Christian DJ scene. His aim: reach people with music and show them, that Christian music does not only have to consist of guitar, keyboard and organ sounds.